Introduction to RV Skylight Shades and RV Blinds

Most Recreational Vehicles (RVs) come with at least one skylight, which is excellent for providing a source of natural light while offering an additional source for air circulation and even an escape hatch in the case of an emergency. RV windows also provide these benefits and a better view of the outside world.

However, there are times when you may wish to cover these translucent glass panels for one reason or another. RV skylight shades and RV blind’s function much like the blinds you might use on the interior of the windows in your home, blocking or reducing the sunlight that filters through. They can come in several forms for your RV, including cellular shades, mini blinds, pleated shades, or even exterior solar shades for RV skylights and RV windows.

RV Shade Benefits

These shades come with many benefits. With them, you have the power to control the amount of light that filters into the RV, which also allows you to reduce glare or block additional heat, granting an element of temperature control that is particularly useful on hot summer days. Reduced natural light filtering into the RV can help with sleeping and light sensitivity issues while protecting interior furniture and flooring from facing discoloration or fading due to sunlight damage.

Choosing the Right RV Skylight Shades and RV Blinds for Your Rig

When considering which skylight shades or blinds are best for you, there are several considerations you should consider: 

  • Size and Fit: It can be extremely frustrating to find the perfect model for your RV, only to realize that it won’t fit your windows or skylight. Before searching for the ideal blinds, measure your windows to know which models suit your needs.
  • Materials: Some common blind materials include fabric, vinyl, or metal. Different materials offer different experiences, which can affect how much light filters through and how good the heat insulation is, so you should know beforehand what you want your blinds to accomplish before deciding.
  • Functionality: Skylight shades and blinds come with a lot of options. For example, they can be manual or motorized, have blackout capabilities, or provide enhanced insulation for your RV.
  • Style: Your skylight shades and blinds can make an aesthetic statement, coordinating with your interior design to establish an atmosphere that appeals to you. Research shows that appropriately designed interiors can be conducive to enhanced mental wellness, so choose a design that you find attractive, peaceful, or relaxing. Fortunately, many diverse choices are available to fit your needs, including modern or traditional options. 

Installing and Maintaining RV Skylight Shades and RV Blinds

If you want an easy DIY experience for your RV skylight shades and RV blinds, consider using Skylight Shades from EZ Snap. The United States Department of Energy has determined that they are 7x more effective than typical interior selections; plus, there are many benefits in addition to quick and easy installation.

The Installation Process

Before you begin installation procedures, have the calculations you made to determine the appropriate size handy. You will need to cut the proper amount of material from the 72” shade mesh in the standard kit. This Shade Kit Size Calculator can be an invaluable tool to help you determine appropriate measuring for your RV skylight or blinds and provides a lot of helpful information about the installation process.

Also, when applying the shade fasteners, a general rule of thumb is to have 10” of space between them, although if your shade panel is 25 square feet or greater or extreme wind is an issue, you can adjust for 5” spacing. Each corner should have two fasteners, placed about an inch and a half apart.

Choose the fasteners that work best for your situation:

  • Stainless Steel Screw Snaps: These work best for stucco, siding mounting, or wood frames.
  • 3M Adhesive / Screw Combo Snaps: With adhesive seals around the screw hole, these work best with extra surface preparation to ensure a tight seal.
  • 3M Adhesive Snaps: Note that this variant requires temperatures of at least 60 degrees over 72 hours after attaching for best results.

With your materials in hand, now it is time to begin the installation process:

  • Cut the Fabric: Lay out the fabric to prepare for your cut using sharp scissors. A straight edge or framing square is helpful to ensure your lines are straight.
  • Place the Fabric: When the fabric is in place, the corners should curl toward the frames. Press the shades onto the pins, adjusting to eliminate wrinkles, but do not stretch the fabric tightly.
  • Install AirFlow Spacers (for Domed Skylights): While optional, AirFlow spacers between the skylight lens and fabric can reduce heat buildup while stimulating additional airflow.
  • Attach Caps: The teeth should click as the cap reaches the base of the pin. Once placed, do not remove them.


You can find additional information for each process step here to ensure your installation goes as smoothly as possible!

Maintenance Tips

Now that the installation of your EZSnap shades is complete, there are a few procedures that can ensure your shades remain at peak efficiency:

  • Clean Regularly: Generally, water from a hose is good enough to remove any dirt or foreign particles from your shade, but for really tough stains, you can use warm soapy water.
  • Avoid Folding the Material: To maintain the shade’s sleek appearance, avoid folding it as much as possible, as it can cause wrinkles.
  • Shade Removal: These shades are perfect for year-round use, but if you need to remove them for any reason, such as during cooler seasons, you can use an EZ Removal Tool or a flat-headed screwdriver to separate the pin and stud without damaging the material. Note that the cap and pin will remain with the fabric during and after removal.
  • Replacing Damaged Parts: If parts of your RV skylight shades or blinds become damaged, including fasteners or pins, you can easily find replacement parts at your friendly EZ Snap retailer.


Here are a few problems that EZ Snap users sometimes face and some tips to prevent them:

  • Adhesive Failure: Some customers have reported that the adhesive falls off. This very unusual, but to ensure this does not occur, take special care with the surface preparation and installation to ensure the adhesive can form a strong bond. A totally smooth, flat, clean mounting surface at least 1 inch wide is necessary. If needed, replacement parts are available if you have to reinstall some.
  • Adhesive Pens Drying Out: Some consumers elect to use adhesive pens on their products, but they dried out before the project was complete. As these pens are subject to quick drying, make sure to finish all other steps before they are necessary to ensure you can complete the work before that happens.
  • Insignificant Heat Reduction: Some RV owners have only installed protective blinds on a single window and have reported little change regarding the internal temperature. Many factors in an RV relate to heat exchange, so install shades on all applicable windows for the best results.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

EZSnap skylight shades and RV blinds have satisfied thousands of customers, many of whom take the time to show their appreciation through testimonials. Here are a few choice quotes from pleased customers that showcase the many benefits and features of these excellent products:


“Installation was very easy, and I was able to install the mounting hardware, cut the material and install the blinds in about 3 hours in total. It truly made a huge difference to the inside temp of the house.”


“EZ SNAP was exactly the solution I needed to prevent further damage to my new, expensive vinyl siding. The sun reflecting off the window literally melted and warped the siding it reflected upon.”


“EZ SNAP shades have made a monumental difference in our RV life. On 90-degree days, our fifth wheel was holding at 80 degrees or more. After putting the EZ SNAP shades up, our RV is cooling to 72 degrees when it’s over 90 outside.”


There’s nothing quite like hearing first-hand how durable and practical these coverings can be. From blocking heat and reflected sunlight to its easy installation, customers love how much these products improve their RV experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help improve your EZSnap experience, here are some FAQs regarding these products:
What color shade is most popular?

Black mesh models provide an attractive, natural exterior appearance while making it easier to peer through from the inside. As a result, the EQsnap option is a bestseller.

  • How can external mesh blinds be better than interior blinds?

Sunlight reaches external blinds before it passes through the window, and mesh blinds outside the window can screen as much as 90%, providing greater heat regulation than interior shade options.

  • Can RV blinds reduce instances of birds colliding with windows?

Many of our customers had the same question and decided to find out. The results show that the blinds did reduce tragic bird injuries as they were better able to detect the window areas to avoid them.

  • How do I know what size material I need for my windows?

Always measure your window in advance to help determine what is appropriate. Also, this Kit Size Calculator can help you make that decision and provide helpful information about fasteners and their spacing.