Block Heat, Not Light

The EZ Snap™ Skylight Shades are 7x Times more effective than interior shades according to the US Dept of Energy!


Skylight Shades & Skylight Blinds

7 x More Effective than Interior Blinds

Using the EZ-Snap™ fastening system, you can install your own skylight solar shade covers with no special tools or experience needed. Works with all makes, including Columbia and Velux skylights.

Block up to 90% of the Heat

EZ Snap™ shades block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, but they still let lots of natural light into your home. They also significantly reducing glare at the same time.

Fit Any Size Skylight

The EZ Snap shading mesh is a patented “Non-Fray” weave. This means you can cut to size right on site for a perfect fit everytime. Simply choose a kit size that is large enough for your project and cut it down to fit,

No Drill Fasteners

The EZ Snap™ “Peel & Stick” adhesive fasteners means no drilling into your skylight, which means NO LEAKS ! The adhesive studs feature the 3M™ V.H.B adhesive. V.H.B. stands for Very High Bond.

Skylight Shading Breakthough Innovation

New Shading Product for Exterior Skylight Shades and Skylight Covers:

The EZ-Snap™ fastening system is a “Do-It-Yourselfers” dream product. Within just minutes, you can custom size & install your own skylight solar shades and skylight covers for all sizes and makes of skylights. No special tools are required or experiance to produce professional looking results everytime.
The patentened EZ Snap™ adhesive fasteners also eliminate having to drill into your skylights when installing. No drilling = No leaks. Visit the EZ Snap online store to order yours today and start enjoying a cooler, more comfortable home.